Deck Maintenance Michigan

Since 1990, we have specialized in deck maintenance cleaning & sealing. We restore & protect wood decks, fences, siding, furniture,gazebo's, pergola's, play structures & retaining walls in Michigan. We can transform all exterior wood to a like new condition....Learn More

Are you in need of deck maintenance? Maintenance stripping, cleaning & sealing should be a regular event every 2-3 years. Your deck in Michigan is constantly exposed to the elements. It will quicklyaccumulate dirt, mold, mildew & stains.

Wood deck owners in Michigan should frequently evaluate the condition of the surface.Is the deck sealer repelling moisture? Is there a dirt or stain layer building upon the surface, which is causing the sealer to deteriorate? Is the sealer on your deck penetrating oil or a film forming finish?
Film finishes & solid stains, which are opaque, should never be used because they sit on the surface trapping moisture within. This leads to peeling & wood rot because moisture from below migrates towards the surface & cannot escape. Theseproducts should be removed immediately before they damage the integrity of your deck.

The best sealer for your wood deck in Michigan is (TWP) Total Wood Preservative. TWP penetrates into the wood rather than creating a surface film layer. It locks out moisture preventing wood rot & decay. It will allow your wood deck to maintain a beautiful, natural appearance without weathering & turning gray. TWP is transparent, however it has a color pigment added to the oil to protect wood from the damaging UV rays of the sun. It also prevents mildew from accumulating. It comes in various tone options to best accent your homes exterior.

The best way to keep your wood deck in Michigan looking new in is to hire a professional maintenance company. There is a lot of skill & expertise involved in properly completing the task. We have been properly maintaining wood decks in Michigan since 1990.

We provide a free comprehensive analysis & the best means of restoring your deck to a like new condition. Our goal is to prove to each & every customer with quality maintenance service & attention to detail. This sets us apart from many of our competitors who are aiming to provide the lowest possible & do as many jobs as possible without concern for overall quality or repeat business. Don’t be fooled by the $99.00 deck guys who don’t deliver quality results.

Surface Restoration Products

We ship orders to 48 continguous states via UPS GROUND


Safely removes calcium oxide and white haze from new brick pavers, stone, concrete and masonry surfaces.


A penetrating clear acrylic sealer, 25% solids, which provides a high gloss color enhancing appearance to brick pavers, stamped concrete & exposed aggregate surfaces.


Penetrating clear acrylic sealer, creates a semi-gloss look, seals and protects pavers, stamped colored concrete and exposed aggregate surfaces.


Penetrating Water Based Non-Glossy Sealer To Protect Exterior Brick, Stone, Concrete, Masonry, Grout, Tile, Terra Cotta Surfaces.